Ivellise Montañez
Reiki Master Practitioner


Ivellise Montanez, Energy Healer, (she/her)

Ivellise is a passionate, driven, persistent individual. Knowing she was meant to help others, to support their healing, to care for them she set out on a journey. At the time Ivellise did not know where this path was going to take her, but as things evolved, a vision formed. Through a shared vision of helping and supporting others in their healing journey, Ivellise, and her wife Jenna (a therapist), founded Healing Transformations LLC. 

Ivellise has always known she experiences the world just a bit differently than others. Ivellise has always had a deep connection to the feelings of others. Through her own journey of self discovery she uncovered that she is an empath. It is through this empathic connection, and ability to truly feel what others are feeling, that led her to the path of becoming a healer herself. Ivellise has a unique understanding of each person's individual potential and utilizes Reiki to support one's healing of their mind and body through the balancing of their chakras. 

Ivellise has extensive training and certifications in Reiki and Shemanic Reiki, as well as other energy healing and shemanic work. She personally utilizes the practice of reiki on herself as a daily practice, and has also been to see reiki practitioners. She uses these experiences to inform her practice and works to ensure her clients feel informed, comfortable and safe about the process. Ivellise has a relaxed, casual approach. She meets her clients where they are at, is gentle and always respects the client's right to choose their path and identify their needs.