Alex Sherwood

Alex Sherwood, LPCA (she/her)

Alex first entered into this field to help others heal; and to be a source of reassurance and support for others as they journey and navigate through hardships, obstacles and embrace personal growth and progress. Alex works with teens, young adults and families, and creatively engages with clients to help them find and maintain motivations to truly engage in the therapeutic process and improve their own wellness. In her practice, she utilizes a client centered approach, meaning she meets clients where they are at, and works on helping clients to hold themselves accountable for work done in therapy. She most enjoys helping people access and strengthen adaptive skills, which are used to self heal and to appreciate and even at times love the process and journey of growth and healing. 

Alex has extensive training and expertise in Family Based Treatment, a very effective evidence based treatment for adolescents with eating disorders. She also has specialized training in working with clients who have Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). In addition to her extensive experience in eating disorders, she has worked with clients with mood and anxiety disorders, self esteem and identity struggles, limited coping skills, and with families struggling with communication difficulties, grief and loss, and life transitions. 

Alex strongly believes that any relationship first needs a solid foundation, built on a mutual understanding and respect. Alex approaches all of her clients with this goal in mind, recognizing that developing rapport, with healthy boundaries and communication, is the first step in achieving any therapeutic goals.