Reiki is an energy healing technique in which a Reiki master (who has undergone formal training in this healing art) uses gentle hand movements with the intention to guide the flow of healthy energy (what's known in Reiki as life force energy) through the client's body to reduce stress and promote healing.


  • Bring on meditative state
  • Foster tissue and body’s healing after injury or surgery.
  • Stimulates your immune system.
  • Relive pain and tension .
  • Promotes natural self-healing
  • Support the well-being of people receiving traditional medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis. 

Reiki is becoming increasingly popular and is currently use in over 800 hospitals across the US as a standard part of hospital care.

A research study conducted through Hartford Hospital indicated that 86% of the patients who received Reiki reported improved sleep, 78% reported reduced pain, 80% reported a reduction in nausea, and 94% reported a reduction in anxiety during pregnancy. 

This study also reported that nurses were finding Reiki to help patients:

  • heal faster with less pain

  • reduce stress and improve mental attitude

  • improve appetite AND

  • reduce negative side effects of chemotherapy, radiation and other medical procedures. 


Initial Reiki Session                         $100

30min                                        $60                           

45min                                        $90


Additional Shamanic Services: 

House/Location Cleansing-Quote provided following brief consultation and assessment 

*Call to inquire about any additional Reiki services not listed