Medication Evaluations and Management

About our Medication Evaluations and Management Services

*Medication Evaluation and Management Services are currently only available to active clients of Healing Transformations LLC

Our Approach

Multidimensional-looking at the whole of the person, we address clients needs and concerns through the lense that people are multidimensional, and thus need to be evaluated and treated as such. This may include things like collaborating with primary care doctors to address identified health concerns or therapist related to various presenting symptoms. Our approach may include recommendations around changing health habits, taking multivitamins for deficiencies etc. The goal is to support clients in their health and wellness.

Collaborative-Clients are involved in their treatment planning and goal setting, are well informed around any recommendations made, and are given agency in the entire process. 

Educational-We believe in clients ability to make choices through informed decision making. We make efforts to ensure our clients are educated on their evaluation outcomes, psychiatric diagnosis, health related concerns noted, medications and associated benefits and side effects. 

General Services 

Who we treat: Adults 18+

Examples of what we treat: Anxiety related disorders, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder, and Thought Disorders.

Eating Disorder Services: With specialized experience working with clients in the Eating Disorder population, we provide thorough evaluations, recommendations and follow up services that address medication management needs as well as health related concerns directly related to eating disorders.